About us

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Our Story

Hedef Academy is built to identify and fulfill the current and emerging needs of clients around the world to the highest standards recognized by the industry.

We establish a relationship of trust with our clients in order to provide planning, training, and operations services customized to meet the requirements of each client.

We stand out as industry leaders by providing original and innovative solutions according to the standards.

Our Mission

Hedef Academy mission pillars on purpose, strategy, Standards and behavior, and values, we link these four elements tightly together, resonating and reinforcing each other for the mission.

Hedef Academy strives to establish a relationship of trust with its Clients by providing Training, Conferences, project management, and operations services customized to meet the requirements of our clients so that HEDEF AKADEMILERI is recognized as the market leader in their field of specialization.

Our vision

Hedef Academy establishment and adoption of standards and policies; the investment in employees; providing Innovative solutions and offering and demonstrating commitments are the rout to achieving our mission.

Our Departments

Our company is designed to meet the requirements of our clients’.


Hedef Academy training courses are supported and improving their social skills including teamwork, communication, leadership, change management, crisis management, international awareness, being able to work on international platforms.


Hedef Academy Conference helps the professionals to get through the best academic Publication and webinars happening worldwide. We conduct conferences with pioneers of different domains worldwide and our participants acquire adequate knowledge through the conferences.

Project Management

A values-driven business consulting firm that advises on and executes complex and strategic initiatives, helping organizations overcome challenges and break new ground in their respective industries.